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A Second Hero's Nuzlocke is a Co-Op run between Dustyfootwarrior and a friend. Each person is suppose to draw their own comics with the other person's character featured in it, but only Dusty's half, The Black2 half, will be submitted. 

The prologue was submitted November 10th, 2012 and it spans three pages.  This Nuzlocke will possibly become a single Nuzlocke, but still feature the Co-Op's character.


  1. If a pokemon faints, its dead.
  2. Only one pokemon per area.


Laurence "pocky" Anderson was born and raised in Nuvema Town. He had an older sibling, Todd, whos age difference was by five. He lived with his brother, mother and father until at the age of three, Pocky's father left for reasons unknown. At this point his mother started panicing about the family finances. The had been living off of little for years, but now with the father gone, mother had to seek out for two jobs. She became engulfed in her work. Todd turned out to be her favorite, with his likable but troublsome personality. Pocky, on the other hand, was quiet and mostly invisible to everyone in town. He ended up seeking friends in the forest, befriending a zorua with a mental problem. two years later, Todd was old enough to leave on a pokemon adventure. Along with Bianca and Cheren, he left Nuvema Town with his pokemon to experience his journey, all while earning money for his family and searching for his father. Less than a year later Pocky came home from his usual day spent with Dominic, for he had never been to school, to find out from his mother than Todd had become champion-- but paid a heavy price. He had been stabbed in the stomach by a man named Ghetnesis. He had then died in the Hospital. That wasn't all. Tired of the memories tormenting her, mother had decided to move to Aspertia City into a smaller home owned by the government. There they would be taken care of by being paid a small check and expected to keep up with bills. All because Todd was still -- even in death -- officially the champion as of then.

Years went by in the small house in Aspertia. Mother had lost most of her sanity. Now all she ever did was weep and watch their television all day long. She no longer paid no attention to Pocky. Instead know she discouraged him to do anything like Todd, claiming that he was to weak and pathetic to do anything right. Even still Pocky was now the one who paid the bills and did the small amount of chores. He explored more than his mother ever did. He had a small friendship with a neighborhood boy named Drew. He also knew all the townsfolk. They considered him a nobody all the same. After five years past, Pocky was old enough to leave on his own journey. He had no particular interest in doing this. He did, however, wish to not be a burden any longer. So he set out as a trainer to get money for his mother to live off of.


The two main characters are Pocky and Lily. Pocky is Dusty's character, while Lily is the other.

Pocky is a quiet, lonely, 10 year old boy, whos only real friend was a schizophrenic Zorua. He originally lived in Nuvema with his mother and brother, Todd, but following Todd's death Pocky and his mom moved to Aspertia. There he chose a female Oshawott named Florida as his starter.

Meanwhile Lily, a 17 year old girl, who was childhood friends with the mysterious N, recieves a shiny female snivy by the name of Blue at her hometown of Iccurus City. She then makes her way to Aspertia to start her journey on her search for N.


  • Although this Nuzlocke suggests a previous Black run that ended in failure, that's not the case. 
  • The in-game run for this has been completed for both players.
    • Sadly the other player didn't take any notes.


The most famous aspect of Dustysapphire would be the rival Wallykarp. Half Wally, half Magikarp, Wallykarp gives off a useless appearance to all. With his magical Puddle he traverses the Hoenn Region with his pokemon, all of which he named Karp. He has become a quite popular icon on DA, even having a fanclub where other nuzlockes can be submitted at leisure.

Even with his lack-luster and funny appearance, Wallykarp is nothing to trifle with. His evil intentions involve destroying the entire human race.


DustySapphire is available in Dusty's dA gallery or in its Nuzlocke Forums thread.

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