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Leafgreen Edition

A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge is a comic series by Pettyartist.

So far, two runs are in this series;

-LeafGreen - Complete

-HeartGold - Ongoing

Summary: A young trainer, by the name of 'Locke' embarks on a journey across the Kanto region. Throughout her journey she makes valuable friends and partners, and in various tragic moments, loses her comrades in battle.

As the story progresses, the dark presence of Team Rocket makes itself known to her, and, for personal reasons, she vows to defeat the criminal organization who are trying to take control of Kanto.

She continues her journey, ever pursued by her rival, 'Gary.' Who, for unknown reasons, holds a grudge against Locke, and makes every effort to sabotage her journey and hurt her.

Through all this, it is Locke's bond with her surviving Pokemon that keeps her going and gives her the strength to complete the challenge. She defeats the Elite four and has her final confrontation with Gary, which she wins at a price. She then, however, rejects her title as 'Champion' for she knows that there is still one more problem to face. Mewtwo.

Locke confronts the war-driven beast in Cerulean Cave and engages in a fierce battle to the death. She emerges victorious, but scarred from the journey, and so she moves to Johto to recuperate and rest. In this new region, a new story can begin...


LeafGreen team

They were Locke's original companions up until their Kanto run ended with Mewtwo's demise.




Locke was given Spuds as a Bulbasaur by Professor Oak, when she began her journey in Pallet town. He is Male, his nature is Hardy and he was obtained at lvl 5. He has since evolved all the way into a Venusaur.

During his travels with Locke, he developed a relationship with 'Barb' Locke's Nidoqueen. This relationship slowly evolved throughout the series, with the two of them becoming closer friend and eventually getting together on Christmas Eve. When Locke took the team to the sevii islands, Spuds and Barb decided to adopt an egg and raise it as their own child. This egg hatched into a Togepi which was named 'Spuds Jr' after its adoptive father.

While he is not used in battle as frequently as other members like Lulu and Pongo, he is still an important part of the team and a useful powerhouse. His currently known moves are: Razor Leaf, Giga Drain, Leech Seed and Frenzy Plant.

He is currently in Professor Elms possession while Locke is journeying the Johto region.


Lulu Was Caught by Locke in Viridian Forest as a Caterpie. She is a Female and her Nature is Lax. She evolved to Metapod, and then Butterfree very early in the journey.


Lulu - A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge


<p style="line-height: normal; margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt; mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto">After evolving, she quickly became one of Locke's more called upon pokemon. Through use of a TM, she was taught aerial ace, upon learning this move, she begun to wear a pilots cap, and has been seen wearing it ever since. </p>

<p style="line-height: normal; margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt; mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto">Her attitude throughout the journey has been shown to be stubborn and headfast, never backing down from a challenge and taking on opponents even when they seem to have the advantage. she is often underestimated by opponents and she always takes it upon her self to prove that she is a force to be reckoned with. </p>

<p style="line-height: normal; margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt; mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto">She is very close to Locke and Spuds, yet she seems to have developed a strong rivalry with Pongo, Locke's Rhyperior. </p>

<p style="line-height: normal; margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt; mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto">Her currently known moves are: Sleep Powder, Aerial Ace, Psychic and Dream Eater. </p>

<p style="line-height: normal; margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt; mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto">She is currently being looked after by Professor Elm while Locke is travelling Johto.</p>


Barb and spuds

Barb and Spuds - A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge

Barb was caught by Locke as a Nidoran while travelling route 3. Her nature is timid which was very obvious early on in the journey. She worked on this with Spuds and became much braver, and an asset to the team.As the story progressed, she developed a romantic relationship with Spuds who, she eventually adopted a child with, from the four island daycare centre. They named their child, a 'Togetic,' 'Spuds Jr' after it's adopted father.



Pongo - A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge

Pongo Heartgold

As of HeartGold

A Male Rhydon (Rhyperior as of HeartGold.). He was initially encountered in the Safari Zone, and later on evolved into a Rhydon after beating Zapdos whilst Vinny the Magneton was telling Locke about the situation. Overall, Pongo is a Major Powerhouse, being able to hold his own against Lance's Dragons, and Beating Mewtwo, without so much as a scratch, in order to assist Leopold. He almost killed Mewtwo, but ultimately, the deed was done by Locke herself. He currently lives in New Bark Town, with the rest of the team



Leopold - A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge

A Male Slowking. When the team ventured to the Sevii Isles, after beating the Elite 4, but costing the lives of Vinny and Nadine, Locke met Leopold there, and taught him surf shortly after. When He stumbles upon a King's Rock, Team Rocket snatches it and ambushes the team. However, during the ambush, he Evolves and helps the team fight them off, with Spuds Jr. soon joining the fray. He also helped in bringing down Mewtwo, by hitting him with a Surf attack, although getting his wrists scarred by a swift attack, before Pongo stepped in to help finish the job. He currently lives in New Bark Town with the rest of the team

Spuds Jr

Spuds jr

Spuds Jr - A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge

The adoptive son of Spuds and Barb, he was born on the Sevii Isles, whilst whatever remained of Team Rocket ambushed the group, instantly evolving into Togetic and joining the scuffle upon birth. He also helped Locke get to Cerulean Cave, and saved her from an incoming attack from Mewtwo, by setting up a stone barricade. He seems to take after his adoptive parents, as he carries his adoptive father's name, and has a similar face to his adoptive mother and wears a headband just like her. He is under temporary ownership of Professor Elm, and lives in New Bark Town, Just like the rest of his team.

Fallen PokemonEdit

Throughout her journey, Locke has had pokemon die in battle occasionally. It began with her spearow, Janice who was fell to a ratatta's hyper fang, which managed to land a critical hit. From then on, these tragic occurence happened every now and then. A few of her team-mates died while training but the first prominent death was that of her Kadabra, 'James' who had his spine broken by Gary's Gyarados' thrash attack in a battle in Lavender Tower. This caused the hatred that Gary felt towards Locke to be reciprocated, as Locke vowed vengeance on Gary, despite James telling her it was not worth it.

She continued to have pokemon die occasionally but none hit harder then the death of Rick, her faithful Electrode who had been with her so long. Once again it was Gary that knocked him out with his Alakazam, as he tried to prevent Locke from reaching the Elite Four. This was a heavy blow, as Locke had been counting on Rick as a main battler for the Elite Four. She knew she needed someone to take his place so she sought out another electric type, and ended up with 'Vinny the Magneton.' Yet all the hours of traing were still not enough, as Vinny fell in his first battle with Lorelei of the Four. His final words were those of encouragement, telling Locke to move on and continue the challenge.

She reached Gary and the fight was on, and while she won in the end, her Lapras, Nadine, just couldn't hold out against his Charizard. Nadine died from severe burns, leaving Locke greatly regretful of challenging the four, pushing her to the point of rejecting the 'champion' title and leaving alone.

She honoured these fallen pokemon with a shrine in Lavender Tower, which she visited on multiple occasions, and, as she was paying her final respe
Locke&#039;s fallen partners

Locke's fallen partners - A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge

cts, she was visited by the ghosts of her companions one last time.

The only one to apparently survive death, was Broseph, who returns to Locke during Heartgold, after he Self-Destructed to take out enemy rockets, still living on through a Geodude created from the aftermath of the explosion. He is now a fully evolved Golem, and is a team member in Locke's adventures in Johto.


Complete LeafGreen run:

Ongoing HeartGold run:


PettyArtist's YouTube Channel

A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge LeafGreen Edition-- 5th Anniversary

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