The cover of Pettyartist's LG Nuzlocke comic.

One of the most well-known Nuzlocke comics, created by Pettyartist (or just Petty). It follows a girl named Locke through the Pokemon Leaf Green Kanto. A couple of its chapters are done in a video format. It consists of a total of 54 parts, including some of the short bonuses and guest comics. The first page was uploaded on 17th October 2010 and as of 7th June 2011 the comic has finished. Petty started a sequel: "A Petty Nuzlocke: Heart Gold Edition" soon afterwards, featuring the same protagonist.

The Rules of NuzlockeEdit

Petty's Nuzlocke uses very basic Nuzlocke ruleset, complete with the obligatory naming of Pokemon. Petty also added a rule to forbid the usage of Repels.

  1. If a Pokemon faints, you release it. No exceptions.
  2. You can only catch the very first Pokemon that appears in each area. If it faints/runs, there are no second-chance catches.
  3. You must nickname the Pokemon so that you are more attached to them.

About this NuzlockeEdit

Petty's LG Nuzlocke starts off as a simple and quick-paced comedy comic, making fun of the Pokemon world and using quite a lot of Internet memes. The plot itself was following the game's story to a T at first, but it changed as the comic went on. The story and characterization improved greatly and so did the cartoon-like art as the comic went from black-and-white to partially-colored to full-color.


  • Locke's starter Pokemon was a male Bulbasaur she named Spuds and her rival is Gary Oak.
  • The comic was nominated for the Best Gaming 2011 award of Smackjeeves but lost to Rare Candy Treatment, another Pokemon comedy comic.

Available to ReadEdit

A Petty Nuzlocke: is available at on Smackjeeves, on Petty's deviantArt and in its respective thread on the Nuzlocke Forums. The latter also contains various fanart and guest comics that are not available elsewhere.


Alive Edit

Locke: The tomboyish Protagonist trainer of the run.

  • Spuds: A Male Venusaur. He served as Locke's starter throughout the entire run, and was crucial to the team. About halfway through the run, Spuds and Barb end up falling in love with eachother whilst one has saved the other, with the two sharing their first kiss, becoming at this moment. Right now, he resides with the rest of the team in New Bark Town in Johto, and is the adoptive father of Spuds Jr. the Togekiss, 3 years post-Mewtwo battle.
  • Barb: A Nidoqueen, met as a timid Nidoran on Route 3. She is gentle, kind, well-mannered and cares deeply about others, and always reminds herself to stay strong for the team, whenever she is anxious or doubtful. She is perhaps one of Locke's most versatile pokemon, and is a skilled martial artist. She falls in love with Spuds, after he helps defend her for enemy pokemon as an Ivysaur, returning the favour in dangerous confrontations against Giovanni. During Christmas, after the team get Locke a new bag, when Lulu averts their eyes to to some mistletoe, although shy at first, Spuds and Barb share a kiss. After the Elite 4 are defeated, once the team reach the Sevii Isles, at first, Locke decides to put Barb and Spuds in the Daycare, until Barb reveals that she is infertile. However, when the day care owner offers egg adoption, Barb chooses to adopt a Togepi egg, shedding tears of joy when she can have a family with whom she loves. Currently lives in New Bark Town, Adoptive mother of Spuds Jr.
  • Lulu: A female Butterfree. She was first met in Viridian Forest, and since then has endured many battles, proving to foes not to take her lightly due to her incredible Psychic-Type powers and sleep inducing capabilities. Her most notable battles were against the Saffron Dojo and Elite 4 Bruno. Although this wasn't shown in the comics, the team did venture to the Orre region, and Lulu was incredibly lucky to escape death on mount battle, still alive to this day. She gets along well with the team, such as liking Spuds' ability to take jokes, although she does have a rivalry with Pongo, much to his annoyance, calling her names such as "Flutterbutt". She currently lives in New Bark Town.
  • Pongo: A Male Rhydon (Rhyperior as of HeartGold.). He was initially encountered in the Safari Zone, and later on evolved into a Rhydon after beating Zapdos whilst Vinny the Magneton was telling Locke about the situation. Overall, Pongo is a Major Powerhouse, being able to hold his own against Lance's Dragons, and Beating Mewtwo, without so much as a scratch, in order to assist Leopold. He almost killed Mewtwo, but ultimately, the deed was done by Locke herself. He currently lives in New Bark Town, with the rest of the team.
  • Leopold: A Male Slowking. When the team ventured to the Sevii Isles, after beating the Elite 4, but costing the lives of Vinny and Nadine, Locke met Leopold there, and taught him surf shortly after. When He stumbles upon a King's Rock, Team Rocket snatches it and ambushes the team. However, during the ambush, he Evolves and helps the team fight them off, with Spuds Jr. soon joining the fray. He also helped in bringing down Mewtwo, by hitting him with a Surf attack, although getting his wrists scarred by a swift attack, before Pongo stepped in to help finish the job. He currently lives in New Bark Town with the rest of the team

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