The cover of Petty's Heart Gold Nuzlocke comic.

A sequel to "A Petty Nuzlocke: Leaf Green Edition", this Heart Gold comic run is set three years after the end of its predecessor and follows the same protagonist, Locke, as she starts her League Challenge anew in the Johto region. Drawn once again by Pettyartist, it started on 9th June 2011.

The RulesEdit

Petty's Heart Gold Nuzlocke uses a simple rulesetnearly identical to that of its Leaf Green prequel. However, this time the so-called Dupes Clause was added.

  1. If a Pokemon faints, it dies.
  2. Only the first Pokemon on each route can be caught.
  3. A duplicate of a Pokemon can not be caught. There are three chances to encounter a non-dupe, after that the route becomes a non-catch route.
  4. The above does not exclude evolutions: if a Tentacruel is caught on one route and a Tentacool on the next, Tentacool still counts as the catch.
  5. No repels allowed.


Thee years after the events of the Petty Nuzlocke: Leaf Green Edition Locke learns that her Trainer Card has expired and in order to regain the right to own her team, she must once again win the League. She starts anew and travels through Johto while temprarily transferring the ownership of her Pokemon to professor Elm.

Unlike its prequel, Petty's Heart Gold comic is fully colored from the start and takes full advantage of Petty's increased skills. both storytelling and artistic ones. It stays faithful to the game's plot and maintains a quick pace by picturing only the most important elements. While more story-driven than the prequel, it still has a good amount of humor in it.


  • This time Locke's starter is a water type - a female Totodile (Now a Feraligatr) called Athena.
  • According to Petty herself, the run shall cover the Kanto part of the game as well, with the final boss being Red.


A Petty Nuzlocke: Heart Gold Edition is available on Smackjeeves, on Petty's deviantArt and in its respective thread on the Nuzlocke Forums.

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