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This is Samagirl's Nuzlocke cover for A Fire Within.

This is Samagirl's White 2 nuzlcoke run, A Fire Within. This run takes place in the Unova region, with the protagonist being a 13-14 year old girl who chooses a unique-looking Tepig. The girl herself is wanted, but as of now the author will not say by who or what. This comic is being redone, so new pages will be delayed.

The RulesEdit

  1. If a Pokemon faints it is considered permanently dead and must be boxed or released.
  2. Shinies are exempt from the rules.
  3. You may only use items that are found or if they are herbs/potion. No revives or max revives, in this Nuzlocke that serves as black magic and is frowned upon.
  4. The inside and outside of forests count as new routes.
  5. Only one Pokemon per cave
  6. No duplicates, excluding the evolution line.
  7. You may only catch one Pokemon per route, if it's a duplicate you only have 2 chances to catch another. If not, tough luck.
  8. Only one legend in a party at a time.


Sama draws her comics and colors them with occasional shading and lineless styles incorperated. She often takes forever due to her laziness and her schoolwork, but mostly the ladder of the two. She also openly admits that she is mocking herself on this page.


Savannah's run is still starting out, and there aren't any announced new members except her first catch, her second, and her starter. More info is below:

  • Pokabu is a specially colored Tepig, with most of the same colors plus one more, and is a unique Pokemon due to it. Pokabu is careful natured, and wears a sort of cloak on her back that is soft and made of light, nonflamable fabric. The cloak itself is in the possession of Pokabu for undisclosed reasons to be announced. Pokabu's coloring is also quite unique, and cannot be matched.
  • Pickles is a brave natured homosexually depicted Purrloin, but we will never know the full extent of his potential as he dies a few minutes after being caught. He has a large pinkish marking on his back, and was supposedly a prince.
  • Flow is a Naughty natured Pidove, who likes to mess with the team whenever she can. She has two green and one red triangle next to her right eye, and wears a white feather around her neck for undisclosed reasons.


This Nuzlocke is currently only available on Samagirl's deviantART page.

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