A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke
by Vivificient
Began September 8th 2012
Status Ongoing
# Chapters/Updates 41
Finished (ongoing)
Game information
Game Sapphire
Region Hoenn
Chosen starter's type Mudkip
Comic description
Media Comic
Coloring Occasional colour pages
Protagonist Game based
Story details
Genre Humour/Adventure
Plot Loosely game-based
Pokemon Speak
Nuzlocke Forum

The run's cover page

A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke is a comic run of Pokémon Sapphire. The early pages are drawn in a very fast and sketchy style, but later pages are more structured and deliberate. The comic contains some pop culture references but otherwise avoids breaking the fourth wall or referring too directly to game mechanics.

The run follows a trainer named Zizzy, an eleven-year-old girl who is the younger sister of a former Champion. The comic's plot is loosely based on the game, but reinterprets some events and characters. Mr. Stone and Devon Co. are portrayed in an antagonistic light.


The run uses the two standard rules:

  1. A fainted Pokémon is dead forever.
  2. Catch only the first wild Pokémon encountered in each area.

The author provides the following additional details:

  • An "area" is a place with the same name (e.g., all of Granite Cave is one area). If a Pokémon is captured in an area by fishing, one cannot also be captured there in the grass, and so on.
  • Exception: each zone of the Safari Zone is its own area.
  • No repeats: cannot capture a Pokémon belonging to the same evolutionary family as a previously captured Pokémon (including if the previous one fainted).
  • Ignore the first two wild Pokémon in an area if they are repeats; if the first three Pokémon in an area are all repeats, capture nothing in that area.
  • Gift Pokémon and fossil Pokémon do not count as the capture for their area, and may be used.
  • In-game trades are allowed; inter-game trades are only allowed with other Nuzlockers (none anticipated though, as I don't have a link cable...)
  • Legendary or fixed-encounter Pokémon count like regular encounters, so cannot be captured if another Pokémon has been encountered in the area.
  • Item use is allowed (except revives, of course).
  • White out is not game over; carry on unless progress becomes impossible.


additional description of the run, plot summary, etc



The main character is Zizzy, an eleven-year-old girl. Her attempts to explain what her name is short for are always cut off. Her outfit is somewhat loosely based on May's game outfit.


The following are several of the main Pokémon on Zizzy's team. Deaths, evolutions, and similar spoilers are not given.

  • Benny the Wurmple. He is referred to as Benjamin once he evolves to his final form. Benjamin is somewhat of a know-it-all.
  • Cloud the Nincada. Cloud suffers from delusions of grandeur, viewing himself as an ancient force of evil despite in fact being a lowly and unthreatening bug.
  • Marina the Magikarp. Marina is cheerful and enthusiastic, but has a tendency to misunderstand things or completely miss the point.


  • The rival character's team and adventures are based on an otherwise-undocumented run played by a friend of the author, rather than on the in-game rival.


The run can be read on the author's website, the Nuzlocke forum, or on DeviantArt.

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