The 2014 Nuzlocke-Challenge Awards was the first edition of the annual awards event of the Nuzlocke-Challenge deviantArt group. The nomination period opened on July 14 and closed on Aug. 16. The awards committee then discussed the nominations and voted on them, with the official announcement of the winners given on Sept. 14.

In addition to naming winners, runners-up, and honorable mentions, group admin CyMoahk also highlighted which people got the most nominations for each award. "Most nominations" will be marked with an asterisk below.

Characters CategoryEdit

Best protagonist characterEdit

Best antagonist characterEdit

Best neutral characterEdit

Best canon relationshipEdit

Best non-canon relationshipEdit

Style CategoryEdit

Best art styleEdit

Best writing styleEdit

Best drama/Most intenseEdit

Best comedy/FunniestEdit

Best adventure/Most funEdit

Community CategoryEdit

Top producerEdit

Top commenterEdit

Most reliableEdit

Top event participantEdit

Super PokeFanEdit


Most ContestsEdit

Most WinsEdit

4 - The Fall/Aerowen


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